Monday, January 26, 2009

Music Is Hope

Some time ago, I wrote an entry professing that man is not poor when money is scarce... he is poor when ideas run dry. And ideas come to materialize in countless forms.

Movies, books, newpapers, food... you name it. In fact money was invented from the very question that there must be another way to trade goods without having to sacrifice a valuable asset. And from this point, understanding how important ideas are is a good start.

One of the reasons why I am so passionately enticed in the art of songwriting is because it is a translation of ideas derived from the soul's banquet of thoughts. For example, a song doesn't teach us how to love or how it works, it simply give us the idea of how it feels like from our personal experience.

Music impacts people - in all levels, simply because it motivates us to move and take action.

Music inspires us.

Music makes us see things beyond the physical. It breathes through us. It speaks the truth without hurting us too much. It is one of the languages of our soul.

Music is hope. The song is its deliverance.

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