Sunday, December 7, 2008

Money Doesn't Make The World Go 'Round

The recession in the U.S., the supposedly most powerful country in the world (heck probably in the universe) didn't stop the earth from rotating its axis and continues to revolve around the sun.

And so the popular myth about the devil's supposed most powerful invention supported with a global slogan "money makes the world go 'round", is fast becoming the world's famous fallacy.

The truth is... the world keeps on turning not because of economic stability, emotions, or what have you. It's because man, in his godlike goodness never runs out of ideas.

The world needs great ideas.

The world needs creative people.

The world needs to reinvent itself sometimes.

Great businesses succeed not because of large capital investments but because there are creative people behind it. All the great things we see in this earth were from ideas inspired by day to day problems. It is from that plane of thought where minds start working.

A poor man is not he who has no cash but he who has no ideas.

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