Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This Thing Called Love : Walking With Another Half

I'm not an expert. Nobody is I guess. Perhaps that explains why most relationships start to complicate as it progresses. Some may succeed. Others don't.

And then some would just simply give up.

How does love work really?

I don't know.

I'm not an expert.

But what I believe, from my level of understanding, is that love happens when two people share each others' halves - literally and otherwise (be creative here).

Imagine yourself cut in half. Your partner too is cut in half. Each half stitched neatly together to the other (I say neatly 'cause I don't intend to make this sound like a Frankenstein affair). Then each is asked to walk with the other half's body parts.

What do you get?

A scenario where both struggle to know how to walk with a new body part. This means that both needs to learn each others' ways of walking through keeping in mind each others' habits good or bad. Learning how each lives in his/her world, thinks with it, and deals with it.

There is always that adjustment period. As to how long it will take probably depends on how much each is willing to learn. Ergo it is also a given that it can fail at any time as much as it can also succeed.

Eventually, if say both are willing to take the challenge and endure the hardships, that other half metaphorically stitched in shall blend and become "you". I suppose that's how it works - conceptually speaking that is.

I think one of the very essence of love is that it requires a passion for learning and relearning. And it never ends.

I speak for myself but I believe many relationships fail because these "many" often view hardships as problems instead of challenges. Many view them as hindrances instead of opportunities to change for the better. They close their mind and consequently close their hearts.

I'm not an expert but I hope I'd share something significant.

Well, this is actually something that I have opined to and for myself within the walls of my little bathroom.

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ANDOi said...

I got a picture of 'doble-kara' karaoke on my mind right now.

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