Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We Make Mistakes

We make mistakes and that's perfectly normal.

What is not normal is when we digest it as failure instead of it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Many fall into this crack. More fear it. I have witnessed this myself and I'm sure you have too.

Why is that?

Mistakes are supposed to be a sign for us to make improvements that something is wrong or has gone wrong in a system that needs to be corrected - like office mismanagement for example. Mistakes should be viewed this way so it can be corrected easily and appropriately.

But why is it that mistakes are recurring?

Is it because the fault wasn't dealt with appropriately because the person in charge was just too scared to be criticized?

Ah yes... the embarrassment criticism brings - especially if one falls short of confidence and credibility.

And what about acceptance? Do we really need to feel that acceptance? I suppose so - but it should not be in the light of desperation.

I think the focus should be more on delivering value - providing the needs instead of the wants.

I think the focus should be on doing your best to the best of your ability without being flaunty about it. Bragging rights can sometimes do more damage than good.

I think the focus should be on moving forward instead of dwelling in the past. Be strong and humble enough to say sorry.

I think the focus should be on strengthening our own "soil" so for better and stronger bearing on opinions, rights and what have you.

We should not be afraid to make mistakes. On the contrary, being able to accept our faults, being able to say sorry, and being able to forgive and forget are actually small yet wise steps to success.

It takes greater courage to accept failure and the reward is non-quantifiable. With it comes a greater deal of respect and acceptance.

Mistakes are perfectly normal. Deal with it. I believe we succeed if we dare to fail.

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