Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tubod Fest : Cebuano Art, Design and Culture Festival

It was Dec. 1, a non-working Monday. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo declared it a holiday. But this was just half of that day's good news.

Gullible as I am for creative pursuits, POW Designs' Barry Canton called me at 8-ish AM that day and swiftly convinced me to attend an 8PM meeting of a newly organized non-profit group called Creative Cebu lead by the British Council entrepreneur awardee Jay Aldeguer.

Just to set an overview, Creative Cebu's agenda is anchored on the British Council's Creative Cities program - the aim is to give young, influential people the tools to transform their cities into better places. Well, Barry was actually more persuasive over the phone.

So I went to Anzani in Nivel Hills, the place where the meeting was held and finally met the CC team. The attendess were Alex Gómez Diola, Maxwell Espina, Arnold Ang, Butch Carungay, Meg Eteve, Barry Canton, Raki Urbina, Arcy Gayatin, Jay Aldeguer, David Harris, Karen Woolbright.

I ended up being the appointed sector chair for music (see Facebook).

So now my new task invested by the British Council through Creative Cebu, in partnership with Arnold Ang, is to accomplish a mission for the betterment of my fellow musicians and Cebu's music scene in general.

What can I say? This opportunity just landed on my lap and I just couldn't say no. So much to do in so little time.

Should I thank God now?

Not the best time yet I hope.

Creative Cebu: (L-R) Alex Gómez Diola, Maxwell Espina, Ian Zafra, Butch Carungay, Arnold Ang, Meg Eteve, Barry Canton, Raki Urbina, Arcy Gayatin, Jay Aldeguer, David Harris, Karen Woolbright

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