Tuesday, December 16, 2008

About Creative Cebu

A week shortly after the first Creative Cebu meeting I have attended, things seem to sizzle up for the big event dubbed as Tubod Fest slated on March 2009. This morning, I received an email from Meg Eteve describing a brief profile of what this org stands for.

Creative Cebu is a project initiated by the British Council under the Creative Cities program. Brought about by the realization that the creative economy is the fastest growing segment, and that it affects most, if not all industries, the Creative Cities program aims to quantify through a mapping process, creative output and, to establish a creative entrepreneur network. From the artist to the entrepreneur, and every creative being in between.

The British Council hopes to build a network of creative entrepreneurs where a true exchange of ideas and opportunities are made available for people who live within these cities.

"A creative city is a better place in which to live, work and play. It is a city that appreciates the advantage of investing in entrepreneurship and innovation.

The main aim of Creative Cities – an international project that the British Council is launching in the spring of 2008 – is to give young, influential people the tools to transform their cities into better places."

Cebu will take center stage in March 2009 when delegates from East Asia, China and the UK come to the Philippines to explore all that Cebu has to offer. With the abundance of creativity and world-class artistry found in Cebu, they will not be disappointed.

British Council country Director Andrew Picken along with other British Council staff and DTI Provincial Director Nelia Navarro visited Provincial Board Member Agnes Magpale last September to tell her all about the planned events for Creative Cebu in March. There was also a lunch meeting held at the Cebu Parklane Hotel where a cross section of various creative industry groups where present to hear about the trip to Bandung, Indonesia as well as the current status of the mapping exercise. A visit to some creative industries was undertaken to check out potential places for the East Asian delegates to see in March.

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