Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Music Sector's Guest List

Tonight and tomorrow, Dec. 17 & 18 at 6PM, Creative Cebu will launch its cause. That which is to build a network of creative entrepreneurs. This being said, the organization aims to bring in exchange of ideas and opportunities and make it available for people within Cebu.

Tubod Fest, its pilot project aims to realize the first steps of this goal. And tonight, the music sector is proud to announce the privileged who have accepted the invitation.

The music sector's guest list (in no particular order):

1) Eugene Corpin
2) Josua Cabrera
3) Ace Rivera
4) Jude Gitamondoc
5) Joel Ong
6) Marla Reyes (Island Joe)
7) Jerros Dolino
8) Beverly TaƱedo
9) Archie Uy
10) Mark Oliver Sy (FOC Fashion)
11) Rescue A Hero (band)
12) Kay Tradio
13) Henri Tradio
14) Winston Velez
15) Junks Muana
16) Edgar Nacua
17) Bebot Alegre
18) Bobet Lusica
19) Budoy (Errol Marabiles)
20) Tito Quijano
21) Anthony Felipe
22) Roy Llanes
23) Sam Codilla
24) Jay Young
25) Rico Demeterio
26) Benedict Climaco
27) Zarah Smith
28) Joel Oporto
29) William Manuz
30) Cattski Espina
31) Dindo Contento (Island Joe)

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