Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hellogoodbye + Lilystars Records = Would It Kill You (Philippines release)

The first time I heard about Hellogoodbye was from Tonet of Lilystars Records.  That was about July or August 2010 over YM chat.  She'd let me watch their YouTube video.  It wasn't difficult for them to make me like their music.  Soon, I've developed the habit of starting my iTunes by listening to their upcoming release.

Hellogoodbye is an indie power pop band that originated in Huntington Beach, California.  In September of 2010, they came to the Philippines to promote their latest album "Would It Kill You?" released under their own label Wasted Summer Records.

Press fast forward to Feb 13, 2011 in Tonet's house.  Clem and I had a good talk about the band.  About their wish to get their CD released in the Philippines.  About their wish to get released by an indie label.  About their aversion to signing up with major labels.  And about their wish to get to their Filipino fans through Lilystars Records.

Good talk it was.  I somehow got so engaged and so involved.  Told him I'm working on a new project I call CARTONATA.  Clem is a good soul and mind to talk with and we got things rolled in for a spin.

But this will be another story to write about.

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