Sunday, March 13, 2011

Free music anyone?

It's better to share, isn't it?  Well yes receiving feels good but would you agree with me if I say giving is better?

Music's been one of the most shared art even back when the internet is still in its incubation stage.  In the 70's and the 80's, you insert a tape in your cassette and wait until the first 3 notes of your favorite song starts spinning.  You press record and voila!  You got music.

Eventually the song grew in you and so you decided to buy the real stuff.

The 90's upgraded this with the CD.  And so the electronics companies also invented digital burners.  Voila!  You got music!

Apple catches up later with the iPod.  Who would've ever thought that you can actually carry a thousand albums with you into something that is as handy as a cigarette pack.  Voila!  You got music.

Then they invented the DRM to hopefully discourage piracy.  It failed.  Internet and satellite radios became another source of music.  This is good except that if there is no internet or wifi, you got no music.  Then there's TuneCore, Jingle Punks, YouLicense, Jango, and all other music avenues they can think of doing.

As far as I'm concerned, only Radiohead dared to do something different on 'In Rainbows'.  Then other bands adapted the business model.

My question now is this... are these music companies doing the stuff they do in the attempt to control a playlist?  Because it never really stopped the culture of sharing free music.  And sharing is a natural human need.

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