Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don't just satisfy

Customer satisfaction is such an overrated statement.  We all know that when a customer buys your product or hires your service, he/she either needs it or wants it and is already satisfied.  But what's often done is failing to excite them.

A taxi driver should not assume that their passenger knows the route.  He travels the road every minute every day and therefore should know the best route to a less congested traffic.  The passenger is already satisfied with taking the cab.  But the driver could induce excitement by simply asking which route he/she prefers to take.  How simple could that be?  And it only takes a few seconds to deliver and it doesn't cost him anything.

A government employee could excite a citizen by giving accurate procedures.  The government can make a citizen even happier if it can reduce if not simplify the required documents to process. There is better and positive result if the government charges fees one-time on the same amount than charging on a per-document basis.  This doesn't cost anything at all.  What it needs is just to espouse trust.

A band can excite their fans by going to their table and talk with them after their gig.  Their fans are already satisfied with the performance.  But good conversations are priceless and can build more fans via word-of-mouth (fans would tell their friends that you sat beside them over beer).  This doesn't cost the band at all.

So don't just satisfy.  Learn to excite so they will talk more about you.  It goes a long a way.

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onlyvic said...

true. true.
having a personal contact or conversation make the experience better and can be remembered by passengers, customers and especially by fans that they would shout it out on Facebook they've sat and talked with this particular band and with this the band earned one more fan and even more.

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