Monday, March 7, 2011

The extra mile

"That's not my job."

"I didn't do it."

"It's your job now not mine."

"Not my business."

"I'm busy."

"Oh, I forgot."

We hear these comments in the workplace.  Many times.  And these are the main reasons why customers, clients, and even friends hate you.  Because you failed to assure them of your role and responsibility.

But the truth is that what the customers really want to know is if you are doing something about it regardless of when or how you will deliver (of course they want it asap but there's no such thing really).

If your document didn't get to the destination, don't blame the postal service yet.  If you made a mistake on the price, don't say it's his/her fault.  Do the extra mile.  Re-educate yourself of how the process went.  Then report.  I've done it.  The customer understood and even advised a better method.  Trust and loyalty was built even stronger.

So instead of saying any of the above, excite them.  Say,"Yes, ma'am it's in my to-do list."  Or ,"I'll be back with an answer in a day or two."  Do not rub off your role from them.  Keep the loyalty in.  It's priceless.

More importantly, don't say you're busy... because we all are.

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