Sunday, March 6, 2011

Between time, cost, and quality

Decisions are made not because you are brave and bold.  They're made because you believe you know enough to decide on such.  Bravery, like confidence, is the consequence of good knowledge, positive attitude, reputation, and insight.

However, decisions are often initiated and anchored on cost first, then time, and quality is ranked last before a "balance" is met.  But is it really?

Well yes balance should be met.  But how do you know how much your idea would cost you and when it is acceptable to the target audience?

At the first inception of your grand idea, you never think about time and cost, correct?  All that matters to you at that time is how to make the idea happen and work.  That effort of thinking is non-quantifiable.  Yet many managers still attempt to measure them.

You only get to appreciate quality over time.  Don't forget creativity.  If you have it, cost shouldn't be much of an issue.

Non-quantifiables for non-quantifiables.  Quality decisions are made from good knowledge, positive attitude, reputation, and insight.  Quality comes first.  Balance it later.

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