Sunday, March 6, 2011

What are you?

Are you a doer?  A planner?  Or both?

If you are a doer, do you do things just for the sake of doing it or have you invested the time to understand its meaning.  Did you really see the big picture?  Or you're just in it because it's cool?

If you are a planner, do you plan for just one deadline?  Or do you plan for a long term perspective?

Many of us have great ideas.  But not all knows enough to run the start up.

Many of us have great skills.  But not every skilled person is hyperactive.  More often, it's easier to get lazy.

Many of us love to jump in the boat when the engine's up and ready to go.  But not many are patient to wait during its planning and risk-taking stages.

Not many are planners.  And sadly not many are true doers.

So what are you?

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