Monday, January 10, 2011

How to present a problem

It's easier to criticize.  It's easier to shut down.  It's easier to quit.  It's easier to bad mouth.  It's easier to complain.  These are just some of the obvious reactions people do when they feel inconvenient or see problems coming.

But haven't you noticed?  These traits never get you anywhere near anything worth anyone's time.  In fact, you may even find yourself moving in the wrong direction, attracting the wrong people, and then end up realizing you haven't done anything that benefits anyone at all.

Problems are windows for improvement.  More often however, it's difficult to view it this way.  It takes a remarkable mind and heart to acknowledge such occasions as opportunities.  If you don't belong in this category of people... practice being one.

Better yet, try this.

Next time you see a problem, the next time you feel that a proposition seems not possible to happen, don't just rant or complain about it.  Present the problem with probable scenarios and propose solutions.

Try and practice this approach for this year.

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