Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bethany's Quibranza brothers signed up for ICO Music

Times are a-changin' they say.

The old business model of the music industry was that if you are an artist, you get help from a record company.  If you are a songwriter, your supposed best friend in the business should be the music publisher.  If you are both, then I advise you learn how to read and interpret contracts.

But times are a-changin'.

Today, bands can mobilize as their own independent record company.  In the industry lingo, it's called vanity label.

Today, you can build a fan base on your own.  This has been proven with the success of Urbandub.

Bands can run their own publishing machinery.  But then that seriously and I mean seriously entails another scope of work.  And artists in general prefer to skip the nitty gritty stuff especially with the copyright and other legal jargon.

So to seriously think about how your band can accomplish at least for a start certain level of success, it's important to get your music publishing arrangements done first.  That's what I do with ICO.

Last Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2011, the Quibranza brothers Luis, Angelo, and Paolo, the songwriters of the band Bethany signed up all their musical compositions with ICO Music Publishing.  My role is to administer the copyrights of their music as well as represent the authors in licensing their music for use.  That's just about it.

The rest... well, if you're a songwriter, let's meet and talk.  I'll explain what else I do.

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