Friday, December 10, 2010

Standing up for what we believe in

It's been a while since my last blog.  And while everybody's having fun, I was in my state of earnestness (I still am) - planning things out on what I'm supposed to do next.  Part of this was an email I sent to all the members of Artist Ko.  I'm publishing it here.

Dear members,

Word has it that some members are bothered by criticisms about the name Artist Ko.  That it is not appropriate.  That artists should not brag about being an artist and so on.

I'm not a bit surprised that criticisms happen.  Critics exist.

Whatever name was put out, we'd still get criticized.  We should not be concerned about this negative light.

Let us be open to criticisms, listen to them.  But let us be reminded also not to be concerned about what people think.  We all stood up for what we love doing - film, music, photography, or what have we.  We say we are film makers, musicians, photographers... even when we have not gone to school for it.  How is that any different from saying that what we do is art.  How is that any different from saying "artist ko".

Critics exist.  Let them.

Because the more they criticize, the more illuminated we become.  Then without them knowing it, they put us in a better position to be visible.

Criticizing our name is like criticizing your parents for the names they gave you.  So let us not be bothered by this trivial matter.  The name Sheila and the Insects used to get unfavorable comments from my friends back then but we believed in our music and stood up for it.  We believed that the name could work and it did work.  At the end it was the band's music that defined the name.

Critics exist.  Let them critics talk about us.  In fact, we need them.

While they do that (maybe it's their art too), let us focus our minds and efforts on the good and positive output we can achieve.  Let our works define what Artist Ko's name is about.  We are still in our baby steps so I seek everyone to be strong with our stand as we are definitely growing.  Critics cannot argue with that.

So dear members... let us remain proud of this and keep saying "Artist Ko".



Ian Zafra

Artist Ko


debbieyaraacebu said...

"Criticizing our name is like criticizing your parents for the names they gave you."

I can't agree more. I think its a good thing of having critics because it is from them that you will know where you stand and what you are. Hinuon, di man pud na sila mu-exist kung wala pud sila'y i-criticize. So, win-win gihapon. Di lang gyud pa-apekto, in a bad way. (Pwede man ka ma apektuhan in a good way, blah blah). Anyway, I honestly look up to you guys because I think you're all awesome individuals. =) Kudos!

Ian Zafra said...

hi debbie :) nus-a ka mo-apil?

Clementine said...

“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain - and most fools do.”

Bragging and promotion of artistry are two different things. Criticizing the name rather than the work of art is such a trifling matter that deserves very little or no attention at all.

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