Monday, August 2, 2010

A rare pollenated weekend

Anything that is rare must be special.

Sheila and the Insects regrouped early last year under a condition that our commitment must give more priority to family, dayjob, and other businesses that help pay the bills.  We still wanted to write and play music.  But we are also grounded by reality.

And so Sheila and the Insects rarely do gigs these days.  But when we do, we aim to make it special.

Last Saturday in Saguijo was one of those.  It turned out to be a splendid pollinating moment for us and I hope it felt the same for the fans.

Photo by Laurice Alaan
Special thanks to Hillary Isaac and JAM 88.3 for the perky morning talk, Philippine Daily Inquirer for the huge print feature (we didn't expect this and strangely made us worked harder for the show), to Marty Floro for posting her video footage of 'Maude' and 'Quick To Panic'.

Video by Marty Floro

Thanks to Paranoid City - great electronic-rock stuff you got mga bai.  Thanks to the wonderful and warm people of Lilystars Records - Denise, Val, and of course Tonet, especially to The Camerawalls.  Thanks bai Clem for the time and commitment.  Of course, BIG BIG BIG BIG thanks to Ms. Kate Torralba for making our visit in Manila fun-filled.  Never had a dull moment when she's around.

To those who went there, I hope you enjoyed the pollination as much as we did.  Thank you very much for staying with us.

Video by Marty Floro


Connie said...

I miss your band! I saw you guys perform at Dish 5 years ago.


cebucircle said...

hi, exchange link here and buzz me if you done so that i will link your site too. thanks!

Ian Zafra said...

hi cebu circle... i've added ur link. it's in my 'storytellers' section na.

Ian Zafra said...

nice to hear from u connie :)

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