Thursday, July 29, 2010

What Noynoy must know

I met a foreigner retiree who used to work with the United Nations (UN) for 20 years or so.  He would document real life stories from nation to nation of cultures, subcultures, lifestyles, and all other untold crimes of the underworld - son murdering his father on the spot, politicians on drugs and drug dealings, smuggling, child trafficking - you name it he's lensed it.

Of the stories he shared to me was about the daily plight of beggars in the streets of Manila and the organizations that are actually behind its modus.

We all know that the beggars are linked to a group of mafias.  This is an old story and this is not a myth.  What we don't know is that this group is somehow linked to the Congress. And he filmed this story too.

His job was to send documentaries to the UN.  The org would then endorse it back to our administration.  This is in the hope that the story would awaken the eyes of our leaders. This is in the hope that the documentaries could challenge the status quo.  This is in the hope that it could evoke a change in the system.

Nothing happened.

And so the UN will have to wait until the next administration will grant their request.  If nothing still happens then they will have to wait for the next again.  And so the wait goes on.

I wonder if Noynoy knows about this.  If he did already, then he knows where to start sweeping.  Otherwise, his promise of eradicating poverty and corruption was probably just for the show.

By the way colorful designer clothes at the SONA was impressive.

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