Sunday, May 9, 2010

On corruption and poverty

I don't think the poverty problem in the Philippines is caused by corruption.  I think corruption is caused by the wrong leaders the Filipinos voted for in the past.  Because majority of our fellow Filipinos failed to listen to their hearts on what they really need.

Instead they based their votes on popularity, surnames, and poll results among other superficial data.  I strongly hope and pray this won't happen again.  For many election times I've always based my vote on faith - on whom I believe was the candidate that could've made a good change regardless of whether he won or not.  And I believe the Filipino voters are smarter this time around.

I think the solution to a better nation is not to give focus on the issue of corruption and poverty.  I think the solution is to give focus on moving for the right leadership.  But for all of us to get there, we must first to do our job well.

My conscience is clear.  My intention is pure.  I'll do my part.  Tomorrow's my deadline.

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