Monday, May 10, 2010

Ideas that just might work

Some ideas that need a lot of work and just might work.

1. Live recordings of poetry reading of Bathalad and stream it online.
2. Ringer for jeepney passengers so drivers can step on the brakes fairly on time and conductors wouldn't have to slam their hand and arms on the roof (this is just sooooo annoying).
3. A government sponsored website where people can upload ideas for public leaders to work on and people can discuss and even debate on its doability, timeline, cost, etc.
4. Record bands' live performance so that they can use it as reference for improvements.
5. A website that emails and prints presskits of bands and artists for publicity purposes.
6. Add a comic sector in Cebu's art and music community.
7. Have fans register in your band's mailing list in exchange for an email of free MP3's.
8. A government or public funded billboard published quarterly displaying a checklist of all the promises made by the President including new projects so that people can monitor how well our public servants are performing.

What else?  Any more ideas anyone?


J-me Pikman said...


By the way, have you ever heard about I hear they just finished a new contest called Mama's day out!

Ian Zafra said...

Thank you. I'll check that out. :)

palot said...

ideas! ideas! ideas! i usually hear them first from you, now im just reading them. you always have great ides yan! keep them flowing. :)

paapila ko ani hap. (ganahan diay to mag apil-apil. hahaha)

Ian Zafra said...

apil ka lot :) tambal sad sa imong kamingaw hahahahaha... miss you lot

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