Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dear Noynoy

Your dad assured us once that the Filipino is worth dying for.  He stood up to it and died for all of us.  His agenda was not to guarantee the eradication of poverty and corruption but instead showed the grandest of leadership.

Today, you could win.  Your campaign's battlecry was to assure us that corruption and poverty will be eradicated.  How arrogant and naive but I think corruption and poverty is a consequence of poor and selfish leadership. I wish you could show good leadership to us by delivering a clear platform of governance this time (which you failed to do during your campaign).

As a concerned citizen of this country speaking on behalf of my fellowmen, I say that what we Filipinos need is good and strong leadership just like your dad's.  We don't need another set of pretentious promises.  Personally it's BS to me. You are not your dad hence may not be as brilliant as him.  Yet if you win maybe you can start proving your worth by working on delivering back the legacy and ideals your dad left to us.

Prove to us that you are a good leader, that you cannot be tainted and influenced by the crooks around you, and that you are what you wanted us to believe you are.  Please refrain from tying up with the media and be more sincere of your service (remember back then that your sister's entertainment career was not favored by your family).

Good luck on your leadership role.  Good luck to us all Filipinos who believed in Ninoy's (not Noynoy's) plight.  I'm still hopeful though that things will be ok.

God bless us all.

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astrid marie said...

i hope he understands what he has gotten himself into. all throughout the campaign i felt he was just going through the motions. i hope he understands how far-reaching philippine corruption really is. the eradication of corruption within 6 years is impossible. he might as well have promised the moon. but it seems to me, people want the moon, or people love being promised the moon. its just sad because we all have to live with this. i dont think im proud to be a filipino anymore. but having said all that, well have to respect the results, we may not like it but we still have to respect it. only i dont really know what to expect of noynoy when you take him for himself and you take his parents out of the equation. the presidency shouldnt be a trial-and-error experiment, but here we are. again. its just sad. really really sad.

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