Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MuSic + (plus)

I thought of running a generic title for Midweek Sessions this time this year.  Instead of monthly themes like in the last couple of years, I thought of narrowing it down to one main idea.

I'd like to call it Music Plus.

The idea is really simple.

This should reduce the time to think about monthly concepts that translates the effort to poster designs and subtitles while allowing more focus on the artists' work instead. The time saved can be spent on research for substance.

What Music Plus is will hopefully be a showcase of interdisciplinaries on top of the music itself.  One show would invite a photographer, another would have a graphic designer, then another date would have a journalist, and so on.  Each artist will show their works and tell their stories big and small.

So there.  I thought Music Plus should be a platform to be updated on what's going on in the scene up this close.

See you tomorrow for its first leg.

1 comment:

dork said...

Would like to acknowledge Cxciv for the new artworks and posters.

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