Friday, January 1, 2010

Just in case

I thought I'd start by sharing a couple of things I hope to do in the next 12 months of this year long journey.  What I do may not have anything to do with you personally.  Yet I'd still like to share what I've done in 2009 in case you'd come to build your own unique and special story this year to which people like myself might be involved in.

Just in case.  So here it goes...

July 2009, ICO Music Publishing and Merchandising was registered in DTI.  A couple of weeks later (and by stroke of luck), an old friend asked if I could design audio beds for her clients.  To cut the chase, three projects were closed - 2 from NatGeo and 1 for Pocket Laser iPhone app (video below).  Aside from this work-for-hire project, ICO Music has built a healthy catalog in a span of 3 months.

On Sep 10, Artist KO marketing cooperative was officially formed.  I personally submitted the application for registration to CDA on Dec 2009.  Getting the people to sign the documents was a fun ride.  My sincerest and heartfelt thanks for making it happen - Cattski (Dir), Atty. Elmido (Dir), Sandy Kiamko (Dir), Ysai Perez (Dir), Vince Yap (Treasurer), Chai Fonacier (Secretary), Cilee Kuizon, Atty. Landicho, Kaloy Uypuanco, Jay Young, Jad Bantug, Jude Gitamondoc, Randy Su, Lui Castillo, Rommel Tuico, Insoy Niñal, and Aldwin Rondina.

With this community of artists and musicians, I'm sure there'll be plenty of things to do and smile about in the many years to come.

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