Wednesday, January 6, 2010

MuSic + Apiong + Stars In View

So as I was saying... Midweek Sessions will try something off the music circle but closely within the circuit.

Performing for us tonight are: PG18 (after their long hiatus... glad to hear and see you guys again), Rescue A Hero, Bethany, One Man Down, and the first 'Plus', MS mint artist of the month Stars In View.

And the second 'Plus' is BITE mag's camipulator Apiong Bagares (Yes him and I made that term up ok?).  I had a chat with him this morning.  He said he'll share his story about what inspires (and inspired) him, his passion, and talk about his collage of small pictures, 247 pieces of them.

Hey! It's MuSic +.  It should be interesting.  Let's get inspired shall we?

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