Monday, December 14, 2009

What I like about 'Frantic Static'

Apart from it being a song with a catchy tune, it starts with the best 3 lines I've heard written by a Cebuano composer to date.

It goes... "Sometimes it makes me wonder / Why I still end up hooked on someone like you / Oh and things, they go wrong at the right moment..."  Intelligent isn't it?  I say this because this composition of words succeeded in pointing out a very profound statement yet weaved in a way every soul in us can relate to.

Another line I love best in the song is the chorus that goes... "Come dance with me one more time before I abandon your love..." So vengeful yet so sweet.

The rest is obviously about unleashing over a blinded love relationship for the last time.  At least from how I understand the story.

I congratulate Undercover Grasshoppers for a successful launch online. I know a good band when I see one.  They're one of those and they've moved up fast.

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