Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A funny truth about trademarks, copyrights, and patent

When you're in love, don't wallow in the thought of the possibility of losing that special someone.  Instead focus your effort on generosity.

Share anything that can lift your relationship up instead.

Think of things that make both of you laugh, smile, and enjoy every moment.  Bad moments come and are often beyond control.  But the more focused you are in giving, the better things will turn out to be.

Anyhow I'm not any love guru.  What I just said is simply a comparative to an assumed notion about the possibility of losing an idea to another's advantage.

The funny truth is that no body can own an idea.  And another funny truth is, the more you give your idea out, the better it becomes.  It's called brainstorming.  And the third funny truth is no idea is a bad idea.  It just needs good timing and the right opportunity.

Seth explains in layman's term about ideas and its relationship to trademark, copyright, and patent.  If you get my drift, you'll understand why I chose generosity in relationships as an example.

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