Thursday, December 17, 2009

Artist Ko membership FAQs

How do I become a member?

Membership is acquired by shares offered in ARTIST KO affiliated productions and services.  A pre-membership education seminar is also required as mandated by the 2008 Cooperative Code of the Philippines.

How are shares acquired?

Participating in ARTIST KO affiliated productions and services, entitles you for membership.  A scheduled performance is equivalent to shares offered within a range value.  Shares may also be acquired by paying outright for non-performing artists (photographers, graphic artists, and the likes).              

How are my shares invested?
Your shares shall be invested in small to large scale projects.  Projects imbibe the cooperative’s business platform and may not necessarily have to be music related.

What is a share?

A share is an asset offered by ARTIST KO to a member.  One (1) share is valued at P100.  

Why is membership important?

As a cooperative, ARTIST KO is run by its members.  It is aimed on money making ventures. As it imbibes equity and espouses creative business ventures, its success lies in the members’ cooperation and patronage.

Are there any range as to how many shares I may own?

A member needs to initially fulfill a paid up share capital of P1000 and a lifetime membership fee of P500.  This provision may be amended with consensus and legal advice.  The maximum number of shares a member can put up is mandated by the 2008 Cooperative Code of the Philippines which is not more than 10% of the minimum subscribed capital.

How may I benefit from this membership?

ARTIST KO invests on income generating projects using your shares.  Income from these projects shall be remitted to ARTIST KO members as dividends.    ARTIST KO membership is primarily for artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs.

What projects can the cooperative support?

Ideas for projects are unlimited.  On the outset, project proposals that are presented to the board.  Its criteria for approval must be able to outline its potential to earn income for himself/herself and ARTIST KO.

What are the requirements for a project proposal to get approved?

A project proposal must be income generating.  However, projects may not necessarily be music related.


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