Sunday, December 27, 2009

Here's where the story ends (and starts again)

I'd like to believe that there are only two things you can do when you get (emotionally) lost.  It's either you pause, think about the right questions, ask them at the right moment, and start taking small strides forward.

Or resume in dwelling on the idea of feeling lost and unloved.

The latter is easy.  Feelings don't need gravity to wallow down in self pity and pathetic attention.  That's why anyone can do that.  It's sickening.

The former however is mature yet very difficult because it requires you to connect deep down.  Gravity can be felt at first but once the right moment is felt, it can be understood.  This hurts at first but it's necessary.

2009 started unfriendly to most of us - at least to those in the circle I know.  And then there were calamities and the death of a former Malacañang leader.  But we all managed to rise up.

It's not what we have that make things well, but what we can do to rebuild the only things we have left.  Bitterness ends here and now.

1 comment:

palot said...

yup! it did start unfriendly on me! but i think i did the mature part in dealing with it. hehe.. you were part of it, ian zafra. THANK YOU! :)

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