Monday, December 28, 2009

The Current Setting (2009)

So what can we do with the only things we have?  Despite the rough and rocky hurdles, 2009 still proved to be a productive incident to me personally and to those in the same circle I'm with.

Rock bottom isn't really that bad.  As soon as you realize you're there, it should be enough to cue a rebound.  I did.  And what came out from my personal "cave" was a bowl of ideas, not always the best and good ones but mostly comprehensive enough to work with.  A couple of those are now in the plate.

The apparent first is Artist KO, the marketing cooperative that was officially recognized on Sep 10 at the pre-membership education seminar of CDA.

Artists in the creative industry are mostly freelancers and hobbyists.  Most of these creative talents are less client oriented, they prefer to work and serve only for themselves.  Most of them have diverse profile (a musician is also an engineer, a photographer is also a nurse, a songwriter is also a journalist and a philanthropist, and so on).  Cebu has no strong institutions for the arts (music in particular) to support the skills and talent (yet).

These are obvious perennial problems.

The concept of a coop was inspired from the above issues and concerns.

The 2nd by-product is ICO Music Publishing and Merchandising, the company I've initially set up and launched 3 studio productions this year - 'Matahum Nga Cebu', 'Kismet', and 'Frantic Static'.

The art and music scene have done great works this year.  They are results of a karmic obligation that stemmed from persistent endeavors.

Cattski, after her SMSV album launch in March and a painful band breakup, managed to rise up at her best delivering fresh ditties in her 'Live Demos' series.  She's also ascended 22 Tango Records, her vanity label into signing new artists.

'Kismet' and a couple of other musical works collaborated in an art exhibit of Lucille Umali.

Fellow musician Insoy Ni├▒al conducted a workshop in songwriting, music video production, and guitar, all espousing creativity.

It's overwhelming how much we have done.  Good times for a good change.  About time we put more of that entrepreneurial mindset into the picture.

What could be an appropriate business platform that could embrace the above strength and limitations?  What could empower artists and musicians to be part of a modern business model and make it work?

Next year should be a better one.  The art and music scene will be healthier.

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K said...

Padayon, bai! Happy 2010!

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