Sunday, September 20, 2009

Possibilities ahead

Taking the strides toward achieving goals can be daunting. It needs one good leadership to assist us in taking the pace at moderated cadence.

This cooperative we call ARTIST KO is still at its infant stage. So many considerations, options, and decisions to make. Many times I had been encouraged by friends to pursue this path... and I had been forewarned as well. I understand the stakes and it requires a great deal of patience I know.

Many times past I had faced the point wishing there was more of me to share my chickenheartedness. Unfortunately I only have myself to rely on.

I'm taking this is with promising strides... really good steps at that.

As I said last night at the ARTIST KO event (and I say it again)... "ARTIST KO may not be the best solution but it definitely is not part of a problem."

Cheers to all!

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