Thursday, September 24, 2009

Opium's infinity and beyond

I used to think that marketing is about making sales. Actually it isn't.

I thought marketing is about making people think and then talk about what other people are talking about because somebody in this planet came up with something worth talking and spreading.

In most marketing plans, ideas only extend to a shelf life of say 5 to maybe 20 years. If a brand or product is good and was envisioned to improve people's lives in a lifetime, that lifetime may actually be about 100 years max or so. In between those years would be innovations of the same brand or product.

A song's pop life could last for 2 years. Then it gets revived years after to maybe another 5 years after that. Then after that, who knows?

Opium magazine came up with this Infinity tribute issue last May.

Questions in my head...

Who will be there to discover what's beneath the ink layered cover page? Who will decipher the codes? Whether it's a brilliant idea or otherwise is not the point. Whether the editor's claim is accurate or not, it definitely made people talk about it in this lifetime.

... and perhaps for 10 centuries to come.

And hey guess what? You're probably talking about this already.

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