Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Making a masterpiece

Masterpiece - the word reminds me of a very good friend who once said that the greatest song in the world has never been written yet and may never ever be.

While every one of us seek perfection, masterpieces are born not because of intention. They are born because of circumstances, community, and more importantly by opportunities at hand.

Sadly though sometimes that desire can be misconstrued in many ways. The world permits us to view even the most sincere and honest pursuits to greatness as selfish ego tripping past times.

Great works of the world's brilliant minds were not masterpieces at its conception. There is an aging process required backed up by a rationale. It must have value.

Then there is perfect timing to achieve a profound understanding of the product before the artist merits the public's proclamation of grandeur.

As I write this blog, Palot is currently sketching her way in setting up an art exhibit to launch on Oct 23. It's her first official stride to move forth and speak of what resides in her mind and the visual speeches manifested from her motivated soul.

Her blog profile statement reads, "I wonder if I can ever make a masterpiece...".

Would be nice if you could come.

1 comment:

palot said...

thanks for this yan! :)

im glad most of my works are not out of intent. although naay uban out of intent jud. hehehe mao ng dili masterpiece. hehehe

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