Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hanging out with the Grasshoppers

Working in the recording studio is one of those little big things that defines an artist from a musician. It pumps the heart to move forward, unfold real time experiences, discoveries, and most of the time you get trivial stories and sometimes helpful inputs on the side.

At the end of every studio recording session, I always get inspired to do another. Creative endeavors will always be a good thing.

On Sep 5, Saturday I spent 6 hours working in Backyard Project Studio with Undercover Grasshoppers, 4 young talented kids to lay in the tracks for their planned studio release of "Frantic Static" and "Finding Marvin.

Last Monday, Sep 28, we went back to the studio so Cilee can finish the vocal tracks. I had fun. I miss this part of me. We all had fun. It feels so good and it's all good. Can't wait to hear the final mix.

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