Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sheila and the Insects is definitely back

Now I've officially said it.

As a group, SATI's return was by consensus, mutually agreed as a supposed on-and-off hobby, a relaxation activity for the purpose of unwinding from the corporate rut - in Jai's case, academic obligations.

We all promised ourselves that SATI is not a priority. So the arrangement was when everybody's available we jam. If one is busy, then we skip and wait till the next free time. That deal still holds true and personally I like it that way this time around.

Nothing really serious.

On a personal level, I agreed that we jam again because it felt like it's just going to be a fly-by-night long term reunion. I needed a diversion. I was so drained and lost at the time. I needed to get my hands full.

It was nothing really serious.

However, as the circumstance unfolded, that diversion got loose. Now I'm loose. SATI is back. And yes the band is playing again. Slowly but it's a definite yes. If things push through, the band will be flying to Manila for a one gig engagement. Just one. Then we go back home.

Heck what have I got to lose this time? If anything I'm very excited.

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