Monday, July 6, 2009

Worthless branding ideas

The Pussy Cat Dolls of Asia.

The Elvis Presley of the Philippines.

The Beatles of Cebu.

The Yoyoy Villame of Los Angeles.

Okay, the last two I made that up. But I really don't understand why some event organizers still insist on using these cheap worthless branding crap. One is that it's simply not original. Second is that it insults their intellect (but then they wouldn't be branding it this way if they were smart, right?).

To market your brand is to deliver the unique purpose - so that people will and can talk more about what you're doing. If you brand yourself falsely by safely taking reference to something or someone else (like trying to be someone that you are not), then you are letting people talk about the things that your source is doing and NOT you.

Get it?

Whose idea was it to promote doppelgangers anyway?

Okay maybe I overacted. But I still think there's more and better fun talking about original or new concepts and fresh talents than copycats.


dan said...

kinsa nang yoyoy of la? hahaha

Nonon Yee said...

hehehe...sakto jud ni bai...^_^

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