Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Change usually upsets people

If you want to change things, be sure you know who are those you will be upsetting.

The Beatles changed the world's perception of pop music - the ladies loved them but upset the male population.

Napster, CD pirates, and MP3 technology changed every consumer's preference but upset the labels and publishers.

Progress changes lifestyles usually for the better but upsets the skeptics, the purists, the politicians, and so on.

Change or any movement that resembles it, whether good or bad, leads to consequences, karma, feedback, answers, and so on...

Lily Stars Records, an indie record label in Manila is reviving the concept of selling singles.

Yes singles... one song instead of an album.

To me, this is interesting. But I wonder what type of change this could bring to both the general public and to the music community? Surely this will sooner or later upset people somehow somewhat. Question is who will these people be?


Michael Anthony Curan said...

A record/CD collector like me would gladly buy this. i have couple of maxi and cd singles in my collection including Jars of clay's CD single of crazy times with only 4 tracks and audio adrenaline's some kind of zombie with only 3 tracks (1 song plus 2 remixes).

but the question is will the "masa" buy this stuff? will they spend couple of hunreds just for a single song when they can just download it illegally? :-)

Lilystars Records said...

Ian, my friend, you have conjured a very interesting argument. One of which I would rather leave to thinkers and kibitzers. But just like you, I wonder at the upset factor.

Mr. Curan is right and as I have mentioned in my blog the CD single move is an inspiration that will readily be embraced by the artists involved, their peers, family, music fans, and collectors which is practically a very small number and will not even fill a pixel of a dot in the word "MASA" and whatever it stands for.

If we think of ourselves (Lilystars) the only upset this will probably give is directed to our pockets. Knowing this country thrive on piracy, realizing the high cost of quality recording, mastering, remixing and pressing such, one would ask why in the world did we ever consider?

The answer is pretty simple. We are very passionate in what we do, we believe in the music and we value the artists and the hard work we collaboratively do to put out the best possible output. A record that one cannot expect to make us rich but one we can be proud of and treasure all these years.

Ian Zafra said...

Clem :) I like the idea of singles bai. Bringing it back is a change that could be worth the taking.

ANDOi said...

I like the idea of singles, especially the vinyl ones.

Resurrect the vinyl records!

My 2-cents vs piracy:

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