Thursday, May 21, 2009

Change needs to upset people

Even when things change for the better, even when the motive is to really change for the better, we still need to consider the risk of upsetting people.

Change requires strong leadership. Great leaders will always have both allies and non-allies (not necessarily enemies). The latter would be those that almost always gets upset about change.

Because each of us have comfort zones, it is normal and understandable that we get upset with change. We love our comfort zones. We love the past it is associated with. We love the convenience it has nested in us. We love the sloth it encourages.

And so we resist change.

So why is it important that I say this?

Because if we want to make a good change yet we don't prepare ourselves to people whom we might UNINTENTIONALLY upset later, we'd end up not able to make that good change at all.

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