Saturday, March 14, 2009

Think BIG, start small : skateboard + music + T-shirts

At one time my good friend David Harris, BITE magazine entrepreneur, busied himself piecing together a half pipe ramp for a skateboard show working with a couple of 20 something young lads.

One of them was Botch Pajanas.

Later I've learned that Botch's main business was T-shirt printing. Skateboarding is just his favorite sport. And the whole idea of a skateboard exhibit turned out to be a promotional tool for his business. On top of that bands were booked for that night.

Of course. Why not?

His product shares the same demographics - people his age who love T-shirts, music, and of course skateboard. Merging T-shirt business with other people's passion is not entirely new but is a somewhat proven possibility in creative selling.

Plan your work and work you plan.

After that amazing accomplishment, David said to me "these kids are really doing what they think they should be doing."

I think I understood him.

Many of us would just talk about ideas... talk and talk and talk but only a few really take the time to get things going. I must admit I feel guilty about this sometimes. These kids do the opposite.

Thing BIG. Start small.

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