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Music licensing at

The sender agreed to have this email published verbatim on the condition that her band, real names of people, and email addresses will not be disclosed. All for the spirit of sharing. Read on.

from: ****** Band <******>
to (**********
date Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 11:46 PM
subject Win-Win Strategy, does this one work?

Maayong gabii, Ian.

Hope this won't take so much of your time. Attached is a copy of the email the manager had sent... Ako untang ipatan-aw if this one is safe as it sounds, and advantageous at the same time. from earning of the downloads, as B**M**** had said, "It's a win-win strategy".

If there is something about the terms [this is not the contract, yet... daw], do please reply at *******

thanks, again. bai

all the best,



I would encourage you to do check out This is a bigger project that will definitely help you promote your music and market them thru the mobile networks. When interested please send email to indiepinoy include the following:

1. A profile that will include your location, music genre and site links
2. Track listing of EPs, albums please indicate if released or unreleased, if distributed under a label or not.

Note: You can include in the list songs you are about to record since we will be asking for the actual audio files after your band has been presented to the telcos and have been approved. I can always tell them that these audio files will follow soon.

3. Contact details (email and phone number).

The purpose of these information is to present your band to the companies involved in the project. Upon approval, then we will be sending to you the guidelines on what to do including details on the deal.. We will be signing up a contract on this project as it involves licenses. We will only be handling mobile rights. You still will have the liberty to get into any major label deal as long as there are no conflicts on mobile rights. Please note that we do not involve in internet downloads. Everything is mobile and legitimate. You will get revenue share from your songs, a monthly report will be in order.

You can submit your songs already even without the contract yet. Technicians at mymusic can process them immediately to avoid the clutter of work when all the bands has been approved by the telcos. Note that we cannot market your songs without a license contract as this is stated by law. That is for your protection too.

Re your question on revenue share:

The specific figures for revenue share is yet to be finalized. The current status of the project now is that indiepinoy has to submit to the telcos (globe and smart) a list of songs involved in the project. These telcos will not be interested if we have only a few songs to market. In my opinion, just like any business they want to make profit from the project. THat is why I will be submitting more than 1,000 list of songs (not the actula audio files) so that we can get a better deal in the revenue share. Commonly each song is sold at P50 / mobile download (for fulltrack). This is for premier songs under major labels. Other category has a slightly different rate. 50% of these goes to the telcos. And from that the other 50% will be shared be mymusic/indiepinoy and the band. If you can compare the profit rate from royalty on a CD under a major label, indiepinoy still has a bigger figure per song.

If your band will be included in the full promotion, we will require you to alot a song that will be pushed free for download (meaning you will not earn from the downloads of that song for a specific period of time). This is so we can promote the band and the project in full. Promotion involves big expenses in various media.

I hope this clarifies your questions.. If you have any more questions, dont fail to email indiepinoy at

Thanks a lot.

My reply

from Ian Zafra <***********>
to ******* Band <*******>
date Sat, Mar 14, 2009 at 12:12 AM
subject Re: Win-Win Strategy, does this one work?

Hello *******,

We may have different preferences and ways in assessing what is worth trying and what is not. Indiepinoy sounds promising and from the looks of it, I would like to believe that this project is run by people, probably musicians themselves with a very strong entrepreneurial spirit. I have so much respect for people like that.

From what I understand, Indiepinoy is a mobile phone content provider. There are actually many of them today but this may be worth a try. Yet if you are doubtful, try listing down the concerns that bother you. My guess is that you're probably looking for a sample of their sales report or at least a template of how it's going to look like and whether or not you can access them yourself. Ask them about it. For all you know, Indiepinoy probably need challenging questions like that especially from unsigned bands. From there maybe you can take your foot one step forward until you get closer to a decision.

Take some time to understand how it works inside out. Make haste slowly. Before I decided on TuneCore, I took a great deal of time reading the FAQ section.

At the end of the day, what really matters is your decision as mine would only be recommendatory. I'm not sure if I'm helping ******* in any way yet I must say your best defense is to learn more about IP and its applications. You can start by reading here

P.S. I hope you won't mind if I blog this... do let me know

She replied

from ****** Band <******>
to Ian Zafra <***********>
date Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 12:46 PM
subject Re: Win-Win Strategy, does this one work?

Thanks for replying back.

I will think over the things you've suggested, and I'll be happy to open this topic with the ladies.
Salamat kaayo, bai.


Blogging: If it helps other people, why not? The more encouragement --the better. However, okay ra if [uber] iscreet lang ang name sa *******? Address the general, yes. B-)

Thanks, again [kaayo], Ian Z.


Nolit said...

Thanks ian. This is nolit of indiepinoy. You guessed it right, we are composed of a group of musicians who are also in the business of mobile content. We have seen a lot of content from the major labels that came and go within the mobile networks that is why we taught of giving the unsigned bands who have their own independently produced albums a chance. The project is at its infant stage but all has been approved with the partner companies involved with the project. If you want to check out where the songs will be situated, just go to mymusic using your phone. Here is the link on how to reach as it is not accessible on the web.

We just realized that we can actually make thing work for the indie bands and hopefully change the whole music scene for the better - inspiring more creative minds to work.

I hope this encourage you and encourages more people.

Thanks a lot.

Nolit Abanilla

Nolit said...

oh.. btw, we do welcome challenging questions very much as this is a way for us all to develop the project and avoid any complications we might have overlooked. Just keep them coming.

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