Friday, March 13, 2009

The busy people and the BC people

Tubodfest was just part of the British Council's (BC) visit to Cebu. And in that brief and rare moment, I took the opportunity to attend conferences, participate in the open forums, and spark conversations with the delegates.

The whole agenda was meant to inspire local entrepreneurs and would-be-entrepreneurs.

One was by sharing success stories of other cities under the Creative Cities program. That the essential component to a city's success lies in entrepreneurial creativity translating economic growth.

Most of it were hours spent connecting with people - between various sectors and industries and between countries.

I had the pleasure to meet the BC people - David Elliott (Thailand), Endro Catur (Indonesia), creative economy expert Andrew Senior, Prof. Stuart McDonald. The warm welcome felt from the wonderful people of DTI and the exchange of possibilities with entrepreneurs from Indonesia, China, UK to name a few.

Being part of the busy people of Creative Cebu was a steep responsibility. Meeting the BC people was a productive acquaintance. Everything in between including the challenges were all worth it. I wish everyone had the same privilege I have.

Days spent and spent wisely. From then on, ideas are flowing again like tubod (spring).

Perhaps it's still vague to expound on this and thus difficult to streamline details. Yet the entrepreneurial spirit in all of us may see light to deliver, creative minds seeing opportunities as clear as he or she decides to envision it.

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