Monday, March 30, 2009

How 'Versus' works?

Music brand names like "experimental", "alternative", "indie", "emo", and what have you, this labeling approach often leads many into perceiving it as music genre when it's supposed to be just a description of a creative musical work.

The "experimental" or "alternative" clout eventually presented itself as the safe tag to use for musicians' innovative sound. Perhaps for 2 reasons - generic branding for easier public acceptance and to satiate the need for "belongingness ".

But if you really think about it, it's just creative repackaging.

Bands wanted to come up with "new" soundscape continuously fired up by other artist's passion and persistence. It's a never ending quest. We at Midweek Sessions decided to take this pursuit to another level in the hope of finding an innovative musical gratification.

Imagine this proposition:

1. Cattski's pop-eratic modes working for (or against but I hope not) The Spirals' britpop undertones.

2. Missing Filemon's "Inday" may sound better (or awfully worse but God forbid) with Smooth Friction's fancy tricks and licks.

The result? It would go something like this:

Cattski vs. The Spirals
1st number - Cattski sings a Cattski song
2nd number - Cattski sings a Spirals song
3rd number - Louell sings a Cattski song
4th number - Cattski sings another Spirals song
5th number - Louell sings another Cattski song
Finale - Louell closes the set with a Spirals song

Smooth Friction vs. Missing Filemon
1st number - Insoy sings a Missing Filemon song
2nd number - Insoy sings a Smooth Friction song
3rd number - Val sings a Missing Filemon song
4th number - Insoy sings another Smooth Friction song
5th number - Val sings a Missing Filemon song
Finale - Val closes the set with a Smooth Friction song

I'm not sure yet how this works exactly. We'll have to go to Midweek Sessions this Wednesday to find out. Given the right chance and if our musicians are open minded enough to take this challenge, 'Versus' might just work. And if all things go wrong... then it'll be my fault.

But that's exactly the point. Never mind the mistakes and the booboos that may happen. That's going to be a given. We just want to know how far new musical ideas can go while keeping the fun. After all, it's always interesting to imagine how music could evolve right in front of your face - live.

Note: For those who don't know the names mentioned above, please google it.

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