Sunday, March 29, 2009

Think BIG, start small : Cattski and her sound minded friends

The inspiration and the thought of blogging this down just can't stop rushing through my head - so I need to type this entry right after I got out of bed.

First off, I must say, on behalf of Sheila and the Insects, it's a pleasure and a privilege to perform in the recent Cattski album launch. If it hadn't been for Cattski and her super friends, the rocker bugs wouldn't have been inspired enough to do this minute comeback.

Second - I must say that if there was an award ceremony, Cattski would best fit in the Most Innovative Artist Category. Last year, Indieology suggested that independent artists should try bringing laptops to their gig and have people download them for a nominal fee. Cattski became the first Cebuano artist to do this and I'm so happy to know that iCenter is equally very supportive.

Kudos to this! I heart iCenter.

Catts, it was an awesome event despite the long and uncozy in between lull caused by power overload (or so I've heard) and I also bought a copy of the CD. Yes, I finally got hold of the real stuff.

To everyone, this is to say that Sound Minds Speak Volumes isn't just an album, it's a creative documentation of love and lasting friendship. Cattski (Espina) and her band deserve a really loud applause for a job well done. In support of the album, here are a couple links to read:

Philstar interview
Album review

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