Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Story of Jude, Insoy & Me (Part 1)

Jan. 28, Figaro IT Park 9-ish PM - we had to meet; Jude Gitamondoc, Insoy Ninal, and me.

Feb. 02, The Outpost 9-ish PM - our very first jam. Was it I who proposed a few chord progressions? Jude played the electric piano. Insoy pretended to participate in the vocal exercise but was also busying himself with the Tanduay shots while keeping it out of the roving guard's sight (good work bai).

Feb. 03, Gmail 3:21 PM - Jude recorded the melody via his mac and sent it for... uh... posterity?

Mar. 01, Gmail 1:38 AM - Jude emailed the 16 bit mix sample, the credit for the musical arrangement goes to Jad Bantug.

Mar 01, Gmail 6:20 AM - Got a follow up email from Jude with subject heading 'PROPOSED LYRIC for Malamboong Cebu, Mauswagong Cebu (with rough demo)'. The chorus line goes...

Malamboong Cebu, mauswagong Cebu
Tubod ning mga damgo ko
Mabaghoong Cebu, mamugnaong Cebu
Ikaw da ang paglaum ko
Ugmaron ta ang atong kaugmaon
Maghugpong ta ug manlimbasog
Alang sa Cebu

Apr 03, Gmail 2:19 PM - Malamboong Cebu, Mauswagong Cebu sem.mp3 semifinal mix was sent.

Stay tuned...

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