Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mistakes He Didn't Know He Was Making

He made so many of them that he lost count. Many had been irreparable. And he just did another one recently. He was so wrong. He was so damn wrong and he admitted that he felt so ashamed of himself.

When there was so much pride in him... when he refused to listen and insisted that he had a better bearing of ideas and dreams than what was then offered to him. The pride, the arrogance, the self-righteousness lead him to believing that he was doing a good job at changing things.

And how is he supposed to take back the hurtful words he uttered after throwing them at friends, especially those whom he cared and loved so much?

It happened because he had allowed arrogance to put himself falsely at a better ground than friendship. How could he have chosen pride instead of just simply lending an ear?

Alcohol had nothing to do with it.

He knew about this but mistakenly accepted it just now.

His arrogance could've been prevented and the story would've been that of a happy ending. How many more of these is he fated for doing? How much pain must he endure before he can remorse and move on again. I just hope this is the last for him. He feels so tired and old... somewhat unloved as well.

Mistakes he knew he was making... yet he's still here. At this age, he may still be learning and have learned some the hardest way.

And even if he was brought to understand where and how it went wrong, it's too late now. Things failed and days are slowly moving away. But just in case...

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