Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Act Fast And Be First

"Da! Daan pa lagi ko mao to ang tubag."

Back in grade school, our teacher would ask us some questions and if we were not sure of the answer, the classroom would go quiet. Suddenly, somebody dared to shout the answer.

Then we would regret not being able to say it first when we knew about it all along.

Being scared is one habit too hard to break. Skepticism is another serious concern of equal magnitude.

One friend told me that if you think you have in idea and believe that it could work... do it fast. These days it is important to get things done soonest time a concept lands on your lap.

Whenever you have an idea that can be beneficial for everyone, always keep in mind that someone else in this planet may be thinking the same thing.

Case in point : Do not wait for the time thinking that you've learned and know enough. Act fast. Be first. And more importantly learn to be bold.

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