Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ooopppsss... Digital Download Has Done It Again

After Radiohead, here's another brit rock group that is getting the sales reports' attention.

The Boxer Rebellion according to MOG recorded an album called "Union" independently and released it on iTunes. This week, the charts revealed significant sales in download considering that there was no publicity drive and with a minimal budget.

Wait. Here's the best part.

According to iTunes UK and alternative US charts, the band's album soared in their tally boards higher than what the The Killers and Coldplay are doing this week.

Nevermind the charts. It's probably rigged anyway.

My point here is that this is exactly how things will be in the near future. Unfortunately our local bands still insist on the physical CD format. Can't blame them.

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Michael Angelo said...

Tinuod na bro.. But diri sa estados, if your an independent band trying to do it on your own, u need a cd gyud para ka kwarta ka gamay. You will market it as a tour cd or a memorabilya or something.. But the more stuff you have to sell, the better chances you have of making money especially if your an independent 2 cents! cheers!

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