Thursday, January 29, 2009

About Asking Mass Support


Such an abused concept, isn't it?

When we want to do something that we think is good yet we feel unsure of we say "we need your support."

We go for the slogan "support indie music" or "support local music" or "support the oil price hike" or "support the fight for tuition fee increase". Whatever the agenda is, the message is usually about hope.

Or is it?

That messianic plea for a united ideology may sound appealing at first glance. But really when you cross examine, it's actually just about a person's tinge of frustration magnified.

I chose to inspire, encourage, and motivate. Not criticize.

Support comes wholeheartedly when the giving starts from you - not the other way around. Support is given easily when the giving was initiated by and from the source.

Trust me. This approach works far better than protest rallies.
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