Friday, January 30, 2009

Stripped = Music + Poetry + Beat

Rock groups cut in half. Poets on the loose. And the beat is just about non-stop in between. That's the idea. At least from how I imagine it to run. Since it's February next month, I thought Midweek Sessions should be a bit romantic this time and for obvious reasons of course.

I thought of an intimate set up but acoustic sets are just way too simple. Not only that. It's a very abused and overused concept. So I thought... why not reinvent? Add? Subtract? Multiply? Divide? Anything to get that new flavor to it.

Poetry perhaps?

Minimalistic but it could work.





How's it going to work?

I don't know.


Rock groups cut in half. Instead of the usual 4 piece rock band format, The Ambassadors, Rescue A Hero, and Juress will be stripped off half its lineup for this show.

Poets on the loose. Bathalad is perfect.

The beat shall be about Marc Nadela, Jay Young, and yours truly.

I have but a vague idea of how it's gonna be like. But if anything, I'm more excited than scared.

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