Thursday, November 6, 2008

Softly Is Out In Kami nAPO Muna

This has been blogged at one time. The frustration was another thing but then again maybe promises are not really made to be broken. I admit that I had been waiting for this to happen.

At 10:49am on Oct. 27, 2008, my mobile phone received an SMS from my good friend Tonet saying (verbatim) - "Ung softly na version ng sati nakarelease na pala. They have ung the best of kami napo muna."

So immediately I forwarded the message to Bisoy, SATI's vocalist and in the afternoon of that same day, I rushed to the record store to check if the racks have it.

They don't.

Jerros (Jai), SATI's drummer mentioned a few weeks back (actually a week after the SATI tribute gig), that Universal Records will release the single this December. Why December? I didn't ask. Jai added that the label is supposed to send us a complimentary copy of The Best Of Kami nAPO Muna 2CD + DVD.

I'm still waiting for that. That would definitely be a perfect Christmas present.

Then yesterday Nov. 5, 2008 at around5:36pm, I got this text from an anonymous number. How it was said, I can almost tell that it's from a good lad named Michael Cubillas, a SATI fan/friend (he's using another number I suppose). He wrote (verbatim):

Sir, nigawas na diay katong dvd sa apo tribute. Naa didto ung cover nyo ng softly. Congrats.

Googling in the net I found the stores selling the stuff. It's in Kabayan Central and Divisoria. I hope the label can dump in a few copies in the brick-and-mortar provincial stores as well (if at all urbanized Cebu is still considered as one).

At least if I don't get the compli, I could opt to treat myself in buying my own copy.

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