Sunday, November 2, 2008

About Squidoo And What It Can Do For You

A month ago, while surfing for more opportunities online, I accidentally stumbled upon Squidoo. This is one of Seth Godin's brilliant innovations in and for the internet. How I got there is another story - I really can't remember and I think it's not that important for now.

In most undertakings, the hardest part is how to start and my response to situations like these is to go through the FAQ pages and read everything there is to know and understand about its service. It took me weeks to painfully untangle the cobwebs but I finally built my pages last week and over the weekend.

Squidoo is a user-based online service that allows you to earn (yes earn) while talking about things you are passionate about. Speaking of earning, the user generates income mainly from Google Adsense plus other earning options such as sponsored modules by,, and what have you.

The good part about Squidoo is that unlike Google Adsense where the minimum quota for payment is $100, this Godin masterpiece allows you to reset your payment release amount to as low as $1. This means that by the time your income hits $1, you get paid (via PayPal by the way - Google Adsense still insists on cheques).

Ok so now you ask what is there to talk about? Heck anything. It can be anything under the sun. No really. I scoured the Squidoo pages and I find lots of topics that you cannot imagine you can find there.

My first lenses (the Squidoo moniker for a webpage is lens) are Cebu Guitar Festival and a page about Arnold Ang, its founder. Of course I'll be making more but I have to take it slow... I just realized that working in Squidoo can be really addictive.

You should start posting your Squidoo lenses too. It's fun guaranteed.

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